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We are going to have an interview with that nostalgic dice!

Everyone feels nervous at interviews, but we wanted to help you ease that anxiety. So, our recruiting team came up with what’s called “dice interview”.



Now, the tense interview!

Are you nervous about interviews?

In particular, companies in the transportation industry have a strong image of being "hard", and many people think that interviews are the same.


We are the opposite!

In order to shorten the distance between the applicants and the interviewer, we will hold a dice interview where the applicants will roll the dice and the recruiting staff will answer the questions according to the result.


​What will come out, what will come out♪

Depending on your outcome of the dice, the answer will change!

In addition to the usual themes, there is also a "hit". The contents of the "hit" are the fun of the day!

Ask more questions!

It's not you who is nervous about this interview, but the recruiter! Would you like to take this opportunity to roll the dice?

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