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Our culture and environment

Aiming to be a company where each and every employee can shine

At our company, we strive to create an environment in which each and every employee can feel rewarded through their work and spend fulfilling days. We will introduce the attractiveness and rewarding of each type of job, according to new graduate employees.


3 major charms


​Cozy corporate culture

The representative of our company also sits side by side on the same floor with the other employees and works every day. Until now, many of our employees have joined the company mid-career, and there are quite a few relatively older employees working in the field, but young and mid-career employees are also playing an active role. Under such circumstances, there is an atmosphere in which senior employees freely pass on the know-how they have cultivated so far to younger employees, so even after joining the company, there is an environment where you can immediately consult with them about any concerns or things you do not understand. 


Wide range of services and

diverse career steps

We provide a wide range of means of transportation such as buses, taxis, welfare transportation, and sightseeing services. Because of this, we have a variety of ways of working. As a bus or taxi driver, you will be able to interact with customers on the front lines of the field, but in the future you can also challenge operation management, general affairs, HR, and planning and sales in the management department. From these options, you can choose a work style that suits your values and lifestyle.


Intensive training program

At our company, we have established a training program for six months after joining the company, with the hope that new graduates will acquire basic business skills and knowledge of the industry before making their debut as a driver. The content of the training varies from basic business etiquette training to on-site training and on-the-job training to get a first-hand experience of our overall services. During the training period, we introduced a brother/sister system and held regular interviews. It is an environment where you can immediately consult about anything you do not understand. Even after obtaining a Class 2 license, the training period is tailored to the individual skills, and the period until assignment to the site varies from person to person. We will support you until you can debut as a professional driver with confidence.

Ask new graduates

The rewarding and attractiveness of the transportation industry

Occupation involved in buses

Community bus driver group leader

There is a lot of interaction with customers, and we are able to operate in a community-based manner.

Taichi Fukiage

Joined in 2015


Community buses are a little different from regular route buses; they are connected to the local community, so they have many regular customers, and when you say hello to them when they get on the bus, they greet you back. There's a strong connection with the locals and it feels warm. I enjoy being on board every day, with customers remembering my name and children who love buses waving at me.

Instructor of special needs school bus

Taking advantage of the experience I learned in the field of touring, I decided to become an instructor.

Mayu Takano

Joined in 2017


At the end of my first year as a bus conductor, I began to want to learn at multiple sites, not just one, with an eye on the future. As a result of consulting with my superior, I gained experience at multiple sites from the second year onwards and grew to the point where he asked me, ``Why don't you try using that experience to become an instructor or create an instruction manual?'' Currently, I am conveying the importance of tour conductors when guiding new employees.

Special needs school school bus driver

The accumulation of daily efforts will bear fruit.

Yuki Nakamura

Joined in 2018

中村 有希.jpg

A school bus for a special needs school provides transportation for students with disabilities. At first, I had trouble communicating with the students, but as I interacted with them every day with a smile, the students who wouldn't make eye contact at first became able to talk to me, and their parents started to talk to me. There are many rewarding moments when I receive words of gratitude.

Bus division operation manager

A job that supports bus operations behind the scenes.

Hiroyuki Iwasaki

Joined in 2018


In addition to operation management duties such as conducting roll calls before and after the start of bus service, we also carry out public relations activities such as updating the website. Although I don't have many opportunities to interact directly with customers, I am learning every day as I work, such as creating easy-to-understand bus stop designs and information for all types of customers. We also handle materials for briefing sessions for new graduate recruitment that you are viewing.

Jobs involved in taxis

Taxi driver

The moment when we can provide a service that only humans can provide, not machines.

Keita Ono

Joined in 2015


In my job as a taxi driver, I feel the connections between people every day. The customer I picked up from Tokyo Dome was originally scheduled to take the train home from Tokyo Station to Kanagawa, but we had such a good time talking about baseball that he let me drive him home. You can feel the moment when you can provide a service that only humans can provide, rather than machines.

Taxi Business Department Operation Manager

A comfortable working environment is based on relationships of trust.

Toshiya Ozawa

Joined in 2018

小澤 利弥.jpg

As a transportation manager, I believe that the most important thing is to create an environment where drivers can work comfortably. In order to do that, I first have to earn their trust, so I am learning everything about operation management so that I can talk to the crew on a daily basis and respond quickly to various problems. I'm learning every day, but eventually I want to become a man to lead the Taxi Department.

welfare taxi driver

You can reach out to elderly and disabled customers who have difficulty getting around.

Shinichi Yugeta

Joined in 2015


You can reach out to elderly and disabled customers who have difficulty getting around. In the welfare taxi field, I feel it is difficult because the specifications of the wheelchair and the method of assistance differ depending on the customer. On the other hand, I am very happy when I hear comments such as ``Thank you for everything'' and ``Thank you for coming,'' or when I  am personally assigned when making a reservation, which makes it very rewarding. There are many customers who can only get around using our welfare taxis, so we are happy to be able to help them.

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