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Corporate Pension/Retirement Plan

Looking at the state of public pensions in Japan, the declining birthrate, aging population, and declining population are making intergenerational support systems difficult. The age at which public pensions begin to be paid has been raised, and the public pension system is becoming more and more uneasy. In light of environmental changes surrounding social security and employment patterns,A legally established funded system that complements public pensionsIt is becoming necessary to enhance

Therefore, from April 2020, the Hitachi Automotive Transportation Group will be able to use it according to the life plan of each employee.A funded system that complements the public pension(selective defined contribution pension plan) was introduced.

*Defined contribution pension:D.efinedC.ontribution → hereinafter "DCabbreviated as

Hitachi Motor Transportation Group's Pension and Retirement Plan
  • The pension and retirement allowance system of the Hitachi Motor Transportation Group isPublic pension (A/B)+Pension/retirement plan (C)will consist of

  • public pension,The age at which payments begin has been raised, and payments can be received from age 65becomes.

Image diagram of pension and retirement allowance system
  • The amount to be received in the future will change depending on the investment performance.

  • If you change jobs, you can transfer your pension assets to a corporate DC or individual DC tax-free. (Individual type DC is a fee and paid by the person)

Advantages of using the pension/retirement allowance system

The number of users is increasing as a system of self-help efforts to prepare for living expenses after retirement while enjoying significant tax benefits.

In real terms, at a monthly cost of 11,620 yen
​You can save 16,000 yen every month.

In the case of monthly savings of 16,000 yen

[Example: 50 years old with an annual income of 4 million yen]

Reserve amount​ (1 year)

192,000 yen

Reduction effect of social insurance fee + tax​ (1 year)

52,556 yen

actual burden

139,444 yen


37.6% Real Yield

Cumulative mitigation effect​ is788,340 yen

(15 years until age 65)

[When 10,000 yen is accumulated every month for 5 years under the new system]

10,000 yen x 12 months x 5 years =600,000 yen.....A

[If you don't use the new system and save at a bank, etc.]

10,000 yen - 3,400 yen (tax + social insurance) x 12 months x 5 years =396,000 yen.....B

It is better to accumulate under the new system204,000 yen(A-B)Good deal.
In addition, if there is an investment profit, that amount will also be added.
Summary of Pension and Retirement Plans
Accumulated contributions are exempt from taxation and are not included in the calculation of social insurance premiums.
System operation fees are borne by the company
In principle, you can receive it when you turn 65.
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